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The leaders of the pack when it comes to quality injury care & employer services.

Injured at Home

Injury Care

Our primary business is the evaluation and treatment of injured patients. Our facility is staffed and equipped to handle almost any non-life-threatening injury including: lacerations, fractures, eye injuries, foreign bodies, and injuries to the neck, back or limbs. Dr. Betz…

DOT/CDL Physicals

CDL/DOT Physicals

At Nevada Occupational Health we perform a variety of employment and regulatory related physical examinations. We have the staff, equipment and expertise to perform a variety of evaluations including: Pre-placement Physicals, DOT Physicals…

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

North Carson Physical Therapy, an affiliate of the Injury Care Center, provides rehabilitation for movement dysfunctions and disorders resulting from being injured at work, at home, participating in sports, or a neuro/muscoskeletal disease.

X-Rays / Orthopedist

X Rays / Orthopedist

The Injury Care Center has onsite digital x-ray & certified x-ray technicians. Initial evaluation and treatment of fractures, ligament and tendon tears is provided by our staff physician, with prompt referral to Dr. Cummings, or other highly qualified orthopedist if indicated. Post-op rehab services are available through North Carson Physical Therapy.

OSHA Monitoring

OSHA Monitoring

OSHA requires a variety of screening and monitoring be performed when employees are exposed to noise, airborne particles or fumes and certain toxins. We provide all required tests and documentation whether a physical exam, x-ray, blood work, respiration fit testing or cardiopulmonary health screening is required.

Onsite Services

Onsite Services

When needed, our medical technicians will come to the work site when a group of employees need drug tests, immunizations, etc.